Dispelling Myths About Eyebrow Threading In SydneyFebruary 15, 2016February 15, 2016Mark

Below are few common myths prevalent in Sydney on eyebrow threading:

1. Redness and rashes after threading have to be dealt with

False. There are many soothing options available in salons like moisturizing creams.

2. Strong arch eyebrows suits faces universally

The perfect brow shape depends upon facial bone structure and hence is different for every individual.

3. Tweezing should be avoided immediately above eyebrows

Reemas Clinic – the best eyebrow threading service in Sydney. Fact is that tweezing can be done to remove unwanted hairs surrounding desired eyebrow shape. Care should be exercised not to remove hairs that are intricately close to eyebrows which can impose an expressionless look.